Dienstag, 30. September 2008

Mt. Baker, home of the Grizzly

On Sunday I had another chance to witness Washington's beautiful landscape. After almost three hours of driving, we arrived at Mount Baker to hike the Lake Ann trail that features a beautiful reflection lake at the end.

But first we had to cross bear country!

We managed to keep our legs from shaking and marched steadily through the beautiful hidden valley of lingering death through bear claws.

At the lake we hasted to kill all our food so it wouldn't attract the bears and jumped and screamed, as we had heard this would scare of the furry creatures.

By the time we got back, close to the car, we heard a deep growling through the forest only to discover that it had been quite a while since we had food and that our stomaches were grumbling.
We had successfully managed not to be killed by any bears. In fact, we had not seen any wildlife at all. Too bad!

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Sarah hat gesagt…

Sarah recommends: Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog (Yap, that's the bloke who did Aguirre- The Wrath of God; the film in which Klaus Kinski throws monkeys into the river, just to refresh your memory.)