Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Mainz to Paris Recap

The trip to Paris is passed a couple of weeks now, but the memory remains.
What's more: I've grown a completely different relationship to my race bike (although it's not even the same bike I rode to France!).

I've patched up the old fellow, I cleaned it and last Sunday I went for a crazy power-ride into the Taunus (that's a more hilly area around here). 3 hours, 50 kilometers, 800 m in altitude ;).

Anyway, in memory of the greatest bike ride ever, here are some more photos from the trip!

Right behind "enemy lines", when we crossed the border to France and found our first Patisserie / Boulangerie

Me in a sexy bike shirt and helmet in front of the Cathedral of Reims, a city that carries mostly negative connotations exept for......

...... the Profiterol I had there! Woot for sweetness!

This was our little camp set up in the hills of Champaign! To the right lies the city of Reims Which we could see, including the night firework!). The the left lies the beautiful Champaign countryside! The best true outdoor camping spot ever!!!

But we DID have another enormously great camp site.
It was our last night before Paris, it was raining cats and dogs, it was cold, the ground was soaked, we were tired, the day had been long. In three words: it was fucked up! (fine, four words!)
I was sick of it and I didn't want to set up camp in the dirt. Neither did Kamil!

So we found the next farm and asked to stay in their barn... and ended up just between the straw!

The day after that, we finally made it to the big city! 7 days, roughly 700 kilometers and 70 bucks for the bike that I had to sell there unfortunately :(