Montag, 1. März 2010

Dear Tuesday, I want you back!

Friday I'm in Love with You? No, Tuesday, I want you back!

Last week on a Tuesday (thankfully the only Tuesday that week), was a special Tuesday (traditionally a bad day in Blue Grass history, don't ask!) for the Seattle Blue Grass Scene! Seattle's Greenest Blue Grass Band "Million Dollar Nile" was playing at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard - luckily they happen to be my favorite - so of course, I had to go. On a Tuesday though? Yes, even on a Tuesday (Nicole wrote a great song about breaking up with Tuesday, but it seems they've been getting along better lately).

Back when I was in Seattle (I think I arrived on a Sunday, peew), I had met Nicole (the front singer) at FIUTS, the campus organization for international students. I think it was at Wednesday lunch (Wednesday, what a beautiful day, so centered!) when we started talking about music and she invited me to one of her shows... ever since, I'm stuck with their songs in my head!

So what the hell is Green Blue Grass? (And why would those crazy people play on Tuesdays? (despicable))
Like so many other people in Seattle, Nicole (and her bandmates) have a heart of compo... eh, they like the environment! So when Nicole (and her bandmates) discovered one day that covering Blue Grass (with blankets so the neighbors wouldn't look weird) wasn't really filling their green bins, they decided to write their own songs on the issues that where bugging them (mostly on Tuesdays, naturally!). All time favorites guaranteed to get stuck in your head are "What You Don't Know (Can't Hurt You)" and the Reggea influenced "Don't Kilowatt" that will teach you to play your iTunes for the racoons!

Since then, every February is "Album writing month", where they all try to come up with a total of 14 new songs - a tough challenge and another reason to look forward to the concert - there might be new songs!
And indeed, "Who's Your Farmer" is a funny new country style treat from MDN and they've also come up with a Shanty.

The show was (despite the incredibly unpleasant choice of day), really awesome. Well, until they left the stage and the actual headliner came up. "Oakhurst", which doesn't deserve more space than they've already had now. But I guess that's life - on a regular Tuesday ;)

Anyway, here's a little video from the show (playing "Phantom Rings"). Enjoy :)