Montag, 6. September 2010

MapVideo: On a Bike from Mainz to Paris

Life has no adventures? You're not looking right!

This is a MapVideo of the tour I did with Kamil, a great friend of mine.
the clue: The least possible amount of planning. We had printed out a sketchy map off the internet the night before we left. Other than this, THIS was our map:

We traveled from Mainz to Paris in seven days, got scorched by the sun, drowned by rain and went through agonizing pain. We slept in a tent on the fields of Germany and France, we had no idea where we would stay the next night or where the next shower would be (in fact, there was only one before Paris... ehem..)
But when we reached Paris, we had a great sense of accomplishment... and a carbon footprint of ZERO!

This is a preview of a VideoTour with pictures on a Map in GoogleEarth:
Update: I am working on fixing the bug that keeps this window from showing up properly and will try to redo the video as well!