Montag, 16. Februar 2009

President's Day

In celebration of America's president (originally of George Washington's Birthday), I spent my day out side on the front porch reading about public space and democratic values in urban planning. I'm sure Mr. President would appreciate that!

I want to dedicate this picture to Sarah, who is covered in Snow in cheltenham, England!

Recently, I have had several conversations about the influence of Obama's heritage and his skin color.
The other day somebody told me about condoms that were given out during the campaigns and the boxes had the candidate's heads drawn on them. Suggestions for the content was: Hillary's condom contains an almost painfully warming lube, McCain's condom definitely needs to be of wrinkled texture and Obama's has to be chocolate brown.

It reminded me of the excited comment by a black guy on election day: Barack Obama, oh yes baby, they gonna haf te paint de white house black now!"

"In honor" of America's first black President, our toaster has set its default on the production of black toast lately. I feel we will have to impeach this toaster - a black president is a sign of progress... not only for this country... black toast on the other hand is a bad omen across all national, cultural, racial and social groups!
"The public" has already called for action on this matter: