Mittwoch, 18. März 2009

Approaching the last week of Winter Quarter

Lorenda Visit and the Pacific Northwest Ballet!

For the last weekend before Spring Break, an angel had gifted me with a couple of ballet tickets AND tickets for a crazy after party - The Backstage Bash. I thought I'd share this night and invited my musical friend from Boston (well, Greece actually) Lorenda to join me at the event.

While I spent most of my time writing about American Urban design, Lorenda practiced on the piano for a big concert in Germany and some lessons with a crazy pianist in New York City.

Neither of us was really prepared for the Feather Boas and Fedoras, but we were confident they would allow us in even if we were not crazily dressed up.

The ballet performance itself was awesome. It was a selection of great songs from different musicals, among them 10th Ave and Westside Story.
Afterwards, we dug our way through the backstage buffet, which was delicious.

Other then ourselves, some of the other partyers had dressed up appropriately and were not hesitant to show their individual performances behind the scenes.

The "show" thus continued backstage with a more private performance that left surprisingly little feathers on the body by the end.

Inspired by all these performative vibes, the FIUTS trio (Nicole, Alicia and me, from the left) felt quite performative itself... sort of ;-)

Especially Alicia has the dancer/actor in her it seems.

It was a great night and a fun visit. Lorenda tought me how to read musical scores without counting the stupid things up and down all the time! Now I have no more excuse for playing the drums... except for maybe that the rhythm is in my blood ;-).
Update Thursday 18th:
It is finals week and I am trying to finish all my papers before I leave the city to go into the Utah desert! In the last 24 hours I have written 20 pages of papers, but I still have more to go. I got myself a good four hours of sleep though, which I think is amazing!

Until I'll be able to follow up here, have a look at this little article about the pen pal meeting. Although I was too busy talking with my pal to take pictures for it, I still got to be part of it ;-).