Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008


I made it back "home" safe after a short and confusing intermezzo in Dallas. I had missed my connection flight and almost had to stay the night in Texas. But the airline gods had mercy with me ;-). So I finally completed my inofficial move into the new apartment.
I felt right home with the Christmas Tree and little packages waiting for me. I was still feeling a little uneasy from being sick, but the trip was definitely worth it!
Happy New Year!

"I arrived back home in Seattle last night around 12, a little later than expected, but in almost one peace. The food poisoning is wearing off and I'm feeling good eating solid food ;-).
Vancouver is as good as dropped from the plan unfortunately.
New Years will still be fun!
More news and lots of pictures soon!

Pablo" 12-31-2008