Freitag, 29. Mai 2009

Crowd Funding Is a Piece of the Raft

... of the raft that will save journalism!

After hard hours of editing and format struggles, the finished work can finally be appreciated online. Incredible what you can do with the most primitive tools! Find my Video on community funded journalism and on youtube. This is for my class on Digital Journalism.

If you are curious to see the whole interview with David, check it out here. Also take a look at how the story developed, how the question poll turned out, see my recap and what the story board for the video originally used to be.

Northwest Folklife Festival & Sasquatch

Here are some pictures from the Nortwest Folklife Festival in Seattle. It's a free event that happens every year and that brings the craziest and funnestest people together ;-)

Like these free-huggers. How could you not love them?

A lot of work is done by the volunteers - to keep the festival free.

And of course the musicians and other artists like Riley the fiddler, acompanied by his Dad on the guitar.

This is Million Dollar Nile, a bluegrass band from SEattle (full discoosure, singer Nicole is my supervisor at FIUTS, but their music really DOES rock! see here. My favorite is "Kilowatt")

Beyond the Blue Grass Hill, the visitors (and their personal "classifieds" got a little more exotic.

And so did the music.

In the true hippie spirit that is carried throughout the festival, an outdoor shower was the best way to cool off from the hot Seattle sun.