Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Japan comes in for a visit (well, sort of)

Yesterday, I got a great late birthday surprise from my friend Iris.

Since she had forgotten (!) my birthday, she had to make it up with a special treat.

What she did was not only making it up, it was fantastic!!
When I visited her in Japan in 2009, pretty much all we ate were Okonamiyaki - (check out an earlier post with a picture) a delicious Japanese sort of pancake with all sorts of deliciousness in it! And the best part? The sauce on top!!

This is actually the hard part of it when trying to make Okonamiyaki from scratch, since the sauce is not easy to get (at least not in Germany).
BUT, she managed to find some and here is the magical result!

It looks like the real stuff, it smells like the real stuff, it tasted like the real stuff.
NOW, I gotta get my hands on that recipe - stay tuned ;)