Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

PNASA Conference

Stories and histories of the Pacific Northwest...

... was the themeat the annual conference of the Pacific Northwest's local chapter of the National American Studies Association this year.

In Lincol City, Oregon, scholars from the Pacific Northwest and beyond gathered to present their papers.

And I was one of them!

In fall, I had prepared a paper on Native American representation on 19th century maps in the greater Washington State area (a project I dubbed "Getting the Natives off the Map") in which I identified the use of maps as a political tool used by white settlers to decrease Native lands.

Luckily, my paper was accepted for the conference and so Andy,

a fellow grad student at UW and I, made our way down to Lincoln City

- right on the Oregon coast. the conference itself was very interesting - but what really made the weekend was the ocean! There is nothing better than watching the ocean mist move into the bay when the sun shines on it. Of course these are the moments when you are without camera!