Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley

The Netherlands undoubtedly have the monopoly on Tulips and Skagit Valley reflects that fact. However, this tourist attraction in Washington makes for quite a competition in the flower universe. On Saturday, we drove up there with several cars to check out the place.

Of course these beauties have to be secured from evil visitors and passers by.

Although I didn't like Tulips much before going there, I found some real beauties in the fields...

and just the fields and masses of flowers, the intensitiy of color and the combination with the landscape were incredible.

Despite horrible weather forecast the day turned out to be gorgeous. So after several hours(!) in the fields, we used the rest of the day for a nearby farmer market and a roadtrip to Whitbey Island.

Riding up the Canadian Bordr and back: Coreina&Heather (roomates of Estelle), Barack and me.