Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

College Football: Huskies vs. Beevers

After a week of hard work (and admittedly some procrastination), I spent the Saturday afternoon in the football stadium.

The Huskies were playing the Beevers of Oregon State University. The game itself was not very entertaining, since the Huskies suck pretty bad this season. All cheering was to no avail.

European League was more interesting than that, back in the good ol' days when it still existed.

However, the show is much more exciting. No sports event can begin without the accurate amount of patriotism, of course. It did indeed give me the chills to hear a whole stadium of Americans sing their national anthem.

The most entertaining part was the half break though. Oregon's marching band played John William's Star Wars theme, including a reenactment featuring their beever mascot fighting the Dark Lord. Imagine a German marching band doing that!

Some time after the the half-break, we left the field. It was freezing cold and the game was lame. What kept us entertained was the Oregon marching band. Not only were the players on the field better (Huskies lost 13 : 34), but Oregon also had the better musicians AND the cooler colors (orange and black is much more favorable than that ugly purple and gold combination).

Bottom Line: If you want to see good football games, stay at home where it is nice and cozy and watch the NFL! If you want to witness Americans go crazy and see a funny show, you'll be fine with a college game though!