Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009

FIUTS SnowShoeing & roomate dinner

The weekend was fun.
On Friday I went to the U to get my driver training on the automatic 12 person car ship. It was horrible at first. Although I could keep my foot stable, I always grabbed the air for the stick to shift in the first hour.

Later we had a driver meeting with Nicole and it turned out that Myrna (who I had met previously at the Gala) and Ruben (whom I had never met before) and I were the only facilitators on the snow shoe trip and that we were actually supposed to lead it. We went to Shureshot afterwards to evenly distribute the kids for the next day and give our vans a tiny level of uniqueness.

The trip itself was stressful, but a lot of fun. It took us a little to get to Steven’s Pass, but in the end it all worked out. The snowshoeing was great.

There were a lot of Singaporians on the trip and when we returned to our starting point and still had time, we started building a snowman and had a snowball fight with them.

Many of the kids had not seen snow up until ten days before when it had snowed in Seattle.

Sunday was a fun day, too. The first week in my new place had felt a little awkward and so I had decided to try and break the ice with a little dinner. Boy, if I had known what trouble I’ve gotten myself into living with a vegetarian!! Instead of cooking one of my famous meat meals (see the por shoulder roast I made the other day)

I made some vegetarian spinach lasagne. The Lasagne and the wine helped a little in warming them up and we talked and laughed a lot that night. Ever since I feel much more comfortable, more home in my new place!