Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Question Authority, Question 3v3ryth1nG!

March 24th

I'm sitting at Frankfurt airport.

My destination: the world!

I can’t believe it is finally happening.

My old apartment. Almost all my stuff I either sold or gave away.

It is a bit scary. I’m surprised by my own courage – or maybe naivité!? But it IS happening. I’m embarking on a journey into unknown places for… well, I don’t know how long. Strange to think that I don’t know how long I won’t be “home” or whether it actually still IS home?

Currently, home is in a travel backpack and a day pack that still feels too heavy anyway ;). Almost all the rest of my life as I knew it is gone – sold, given away – only a small collection of things, mostly of emotional value, remain in boxes with my Dad.

What's left of my stuff fits in two bags (and a couple of boxes at my Dad's ;))

I am questioning everything. I am open to everything. No idea what will come my way. I will be getting rid of all the little economic, social, cultural "shoulds" and other expectations that determine me rather than me living my own life. To find "home" in myself, wherever that may be in the end. I’ve been running in a maze of closing walls left and right for too long. Questioning my job plans, questioning my education, questioning the system of our society, questioning my relationships even. Everything is open.

Friends and family saying goodbye. The bets are 4:3 against me coming back ;).