Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008


As of tomorrow, I will finally be a SOMEBODY, after being a NOBODY for more than a month now.
how come my position changes? I applied for a Social Security Number today. This one number is your legitimizaiton for everything in this country. You may, as of the date of issueing, be only a number in the system, BUT... this number makes you part of the system. This number enables you to take a job, to deal with banks and other officials and businesses on a decent basis.

After completing another trail through American bureaucracy, it was time for some Art.
Every first Thursday of the month, Seattle has the "First Thursday Art Walk". Galleries on Pioneer Squeer open up, there is a little art market AND, the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) has free admission. So I went! ("and if I had a hammer...")

The hammering man of the Seattle Art Museum

Although their European/Asian collection is neglegible, their African and Native American collections are pretty interesting. The Contemporary American art is also very inspiring.

It is no comparison to either the large art Museums in London or New York, but it is a really nice art museum. I will have to come back with more time to get into the Native American collection.

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