Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008

Caribou Barbie or "Drill, baby, drill!" (updated)

The women recently referred to as "Moose Milf" in a Seattle newspaper cartoon made it on stage! The Vice Presidential debate is over just now, but unfortunately it was not as entertaining as Obama and McCain last week.

Part of the reason is, that Joe Biden doesn't have the rhetoric ability Obama has to talk about senate related issues without sounding boring. Another huge part is, that Sarah Palin got about 10 hours of training before the debate and as a consequence did not answer the questions. Instead she chose to emphasise (in almost every single answer), how well she has done in ALASKA. No offense barbie - but Alaska is not all of America quite yet.

I won't dwell on the issue further, but will release you with a collection of my favorite Palin quotes from the debate:

“Hey, can I call you Joe?”

“How long have I been in this? Like five weeks?”
“I have a very diverse family”
“we need flexibility in 'no child left behind'”
“you third-graders out there get extra credit for watching this debate”

For a nice "summary" of the debate, see below. Everyone who has seen the debate will LOVE this!

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