Samstag, 27. September 2008

Washington Lake Bicircle

Seattle is a city of many different faces. Not only are there mountains and valleys, plains and temperate rainforest, there is also salt as well as sweet water.
One of the sweet water lakes in Seattle is Lake Washington and Saturday was the day we were going to circle it (well, almost).
After initial problems, the only remaining cyclists, Sudip and me headed out for the tour.
Soon after the start, Sudip made contact with the local concrete, but that didn't keep him from going on.
After reaching the initial goal of Marymoore Park, we did not go back as we had planned, but went on and circled Lake Sammamish, all the way to Isaquah (yes, Indian tribes are around here ;-)).
On the way back, we crossed the I 90 that goes over Lake Washington on a floating bridge that has a beautiful view of Mount Rainier. By the end, we had completed 63 miles of bicycling.

On Sunday there will be another hike in Snoqualmie National Forest. Looking forward to it!


Sarah hat gesagt…

Does it just look like you chopped your hair off?
(Just want to show that there are people who read this ;) )

Rebecca hat gesagt…

Klar wird das gelesen, bin jeden Tag hier um von deiner spannenden Zeit zu lesen! Liebe Grüße, Re