Samstag, 27. September 2008

Obama vs. the guy who brought us Palin

After attending Department Orientation and the party afterwards (seriously, shrimp and wine at 3 pm in the afternoon?), I went to witness part of American history ;-):

It was 6 pm when the two opponents faced each other, watched live by millions of people all over the world (plus the few politically interested Americans).

In the undergraduate library, the staff had set up a beamer and so everybody who wanted could come by, grap some snacks and drinks and watch the debate together with like-minded people (which in Seattle basically means non-Republicans).
The room was packed and people were having a lot of fun. It was like going out to the movies... with popcorn and laughs... and afterwards you talk about the actors' performance.

I'm looking forward to next Thursday, which promises to be funny, since the two potential Vice Presidents will meet each other on screen.

Tune in at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time (nine hours back ;-))

Bottom Line:
Why don't we have this at home?

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