Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Attack of the Killer Racoons & Bike Swap

So yesterday was a pretty slow day. I did some research, laundry and cooking and stayed around the house all day, desperately watching craigslist for a new bike. Then, suddenly and without warning, there were was a rumble and some loud squeeking and grunting noises outside. The dogs barked and the noise grew even louder. When I looked outside, I was face to face with a pack of middle sized dog large racoons that were climbing fences and shack roofs.

They were not scared, although I wasn't more than 2 meters away from them. The flash of the camera finally made them flee though.

So today I got up really early to go to a bike swap at a bar / grill parking lot near the Boeing airport. Not a pretty sight. BUT I finally found a bike that I like, so I can now scratch that off my list and try to safe the money that I've been handing out that last week. YAY!

I rode my new bike back home, since only weired people seemed to be on the bus today: One bus pulled over and stood there for 10 minutes until the three passengers that were about to start fighting (literally) for a seat in the bus got scared by the driver calling the cops. Nice neighborhood near that airport ... real nice neighborhood.

I rode over the bridge crossing Lake Union however and that made up for all the trouble. The deep blue water was very inviting and I'll have to go down there some time!


Sarah hat gesagt…

Congrats for finally getting a bike! I was slowly getting sick of reading about it :P
You seem to be having a good time. Keep it up and see you next year ;)

Foreigner hat gesagt…

High son, dare how are you? Nice red racing bike you have. Wish you a lot of fun with it.
You installed an interesting blog with lovely and funny pics. Go on, it's helpfull to see where you live.
Hope we hear us soon.


Sarah hat gesagt…

One more question: Did the investion for Speed Racer finally pay off? Have you already met any like-minded people who love the film as much as you do?
PS: Can I have your dad's phone number? :P

quimbi hat gesagt…

No, unfortunately I have not yet anyone who had the guts to bring out to me that he watched that movie and enjoyed it (or even as much as I have).
I'm sure if my Dad reads this, he will gladly provide you with his phone number, but beware: you won't get rid of him anymore ;-).P.S.: How are your walls doing? Seen anything interesting yet?*duck*

Sarah hat gesagt…

Don't you worry about my walls. They'll be fine as soon as my cousin moves in.