Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

International Orientation Day

After a few kind of slow, yet exhausting days of research and other things and hanging out at the UW with some Germans and other international students , today was going to be exciting again!
Today I have been in Seattle for two weeks!
I took my bike up to University and it was really nice and sunny. The Burke Gilman-Trail is awesome and goes right along Lake Union, passing the Skyline of Seattle in the distance.

When I got there, I was faced with about 800 people from all over the world. We were in a huge ballroom with yummy bagels and lunch, loads of coffee and a couple of interesting and not so interesting talks about what’s ahead of us.

Unfortunately, the most dull talk was given by a German member of the Student Board of FIUTS (the “let’s get all the internationals together-people”). So much for cultural embassadorship.
However, I met so many interesting people today from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Morrocco, Iran, Sweden, Togo and of course the German crew was there, too. Table 16 Rocks! ;-)

Now, some of us had read in the Daily’s “Welcome Issue” (University Newspaper), that it was a myth that we were going to sit under these cherry trees with a bunch of people from all kinds of different nations and discuss world literature.

But right there, I started doubting this would remain a myth. And if it doesn’t happen by itself, we’ll just have to found a club for it (if there isn’t one already). After that we headed out for a tour of Campus and the University District.

I skipped the Udistrict though and went to the library.
The rest of the day I spent researching and almost got locked into the library when it closed at 5pm(!). Except for opening hours when there are no courses though, the library is awesome. Yo can check out books for almost three months
(“this will be due December 4th” – “Excuse me, did you say December 4th?” – “Yes, but you can get an extension if you need more time” - *jaw drop*)
and you can loan books fro libraries on the other side of this country (“Hey there, New York Public Library”) for FREE! Did I mention I like the library ;-)

And for a finish, just a little teaser for the weekend at Eatonville near Mt. Rainier:

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