Freitag, 12. September 2008

International Orientation BBQ

Today started with more information (like we didn't have any the last few days), but since it was especially for exchange students, it actually did bring some news.

After some reading, squirrel watching (they're a plague and they'll eat food right out of your hand!)

and chilling on the campus lawn with my homeless friends Anni and Hermina we headed to the big international BBQ in Woodland Park.
It was a place to associate and meet with new people. Actually it is kind of hard for us Europeans to meet any of the many Asian folks around, though.

Here goes an assortment of (kind of) random pictures from the BBQ:

Tomorrow, we're are leaving for Camp Arnold in Eatonville near Mt. Rainier. There's no alcohol allowed, but I guess we'll figure out a way to have a fun Saturday night after our hike.


Sarah hat gesagt…
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Sarah hat gesagt…

Look what I got:

Rebecca hat gesagt…

hey du,
als ich diesen eintrag neulich las, musste ich erst mal zu raphael sagen, wie toll ich deine fotos finde! die meisten bilder hier in deinem blog könnten die echt für eine werbebroschüre der uni verwenden.
liebe grüße ausm schönen, a..kalten zollernalbkreis nach seattle! :-)