Samstag, 6. September 2008

Just one Day in the Emerald City

So, after yesterday was kind of unexciting (I opened a bank account,did some shopping AND I got my new lenses from bhphoto before I cooked some tasty pancakes), I decided that after a week, it was finally time to go downtown:

The place to start is of course Pike Place Market, the huge market down at the waterfront that serves to catch all the tourists

with loads of seafood (and occasionally flying / thrown fish),


and all other kind of food and nitbits. Some "artists" like Parrot Guy,

who trained his parrot to drop dead when one points at him with his finger and shoots, are of course trying to get a share of that tourist money coming in.

From there, my trip went to the International District. In Chinatown I had some really yummy Honey-Sesame Chicken,

before I left to walk towards Pioneer Square. I definitely need to do the Underground tour again, because that was so much fun last time! On Pioneer Square I caught another guy with his birds... but it doesn't look like they are trained... or even tame.

For friends of Celtic (or Scottish) tradition, Pioneer Square has a (new I guess?) fantastic store. Utilikilt. It has kilts of all kinds and an asortment of shirts to go with them:

I refreshed myself in one of the numerous Starbucks (you might just think that stuff was invented here ;-)) with a Chai Tea

and went on towards the REI store and could just keep myself from falling into a shopping frenzy. I finally got a new sleeping bag, though. Onwardsw I went, to the Seattle icon: the Space Needle.

I didn't feel the need to go up, I'll be having plenty of time when I'm being visited, so I went on to the waterfront to Peer 70 for another beautiful sunset. There, I also found Seattle's version of the Manneken Pis...

only it seems he has been holding it the 300 years that Brussels was faster building the statue.

With a last shot of the Skyline, I roamed the city in search of my bus and finally found it, some time after dark (glad to be out of town!)

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