Montag, 13. Juli 2009

Internet Giants and Small Geeks - Google Meetup in Seattle

Google and the simple geeks - Google Meetup Seattle ©pcbritz
Google and the simple geeks - Google Meetup Seattle ©pcbritz

Google is taking over the world! Next Stop: Fremont

One of the advantages of living in Seattle: Adobe, Amazon, Boing, Expedia, Getty Images, Microsoft, Starbucks are... literally... just around the corner! That means, when they have something new going on, you're the first guinea pig to try it out.

Currently, Google is starting a national PR event series to "connect to the users while the corporation is growing". Tonight was the first "Google Meetup" in Fremont at the Red Door. On the agenda: a free drink and some Q&A.

Generally a good idea, they will have to work on the concept. While sitting and chatting with the Google hardcore geek fans was fun and nice, it took 1,5 hours for the questioning to start. Sparks flew between the Google geeks and the Google user geeks, however, they were not very well prepared for questions on security and issues that were interesting to the more "general" public like "our grandmas and fathers and sibling out there" that Google supposedly wanted to connect to.

I'm still sceptical about Google's privacy handling and the fact that the company collects a lot of personal information about its users. I'm just uncomfortable with giving up that control and Kathy Gill's remarks at the meeting about security confirmed that I am not alone among the super nerds.

I'm curious to see where Google is going with these events and if their attempts to connect with customers will actually go national or even international. the first step is made.

Update:Check this Link for issues of security with google. Nice article I read a couple of days ago!

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