Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Big in Japan - Technology

The Portable Thumb Gym

Japan. The country with the beauty ideal of Marasmus - is not known for its strong and muscular people. But in the strength of one muscle, they probably outrun the rest of the world: their thumbs!

They might have competition from African countries like Simbabwe, but I don't think the Thumb Piano requires quite the same download speed.

Every Japanese has at least one cell phone with lots of "bling" hanging from it to make sure the mostly ugly square bricks attract enough attention. Cell phones are cool, you see?

Since it is impolite to talk on the phone when people around might be disturbed though (ie. in public and especially the metro), the texts fly in and out like there is no tomorrow.

In the time between the SMS, you can entertain yourself by surfing the web (running on the worlds fastest broadband in Japan), checking your emails, listening to music, shooting a video of your feet or you just draw out the antenna and watch TV (since even the most basic phone will come with a TV plan).

If you get realy bored waiting for someone to text you, you go to a museum, zoo or other attraction. There you make sure to capture every moment and add some beauty touches to reality. Then you text this out into the world: "I saw a penguin on my cell screen". You may now relax and lean back while the flood of "Kawaaaiii" (cuuutte) texts flow in.

Museums have caught on the trend at last! And since some poor individuals run out of battery at times and foreigners often dare to come without electronic devices, attractions have started to give out their own! At the Muesum of Ethnicity in Osaka, I received a PlayStation!!

This English audio guide featuring a stone-henge domino game kept me distracted for the full 4,5 hours I spent at this incredible museum. It lead me from Oceania over the Americas, Africa and Europe , East Asia and finally Japan. I did not have to look up once, except to find the bathroom, which was not quite easy.

Where has the rest of it gone? Has technology failed here?

Fortunately, Tokyo was advanced both in its technology as well as in its software applications.

This iphone clone did not only introduce me to this utterly confusing city on my first morning, it also safely led me to the closest pot hole potty - properly labeled!

Bottom Line:
Japanese technology is fascinating - and the rest of the world has some catching up to do! Let's start with me: Who wants to give me a new i-phone for Christmas? I was a good boy, I promise!!

Do you have stories about Japanese technology? Let's hear it!! Comment below!


Rebecca hat gesagt…

Wie funktioniert denn diese Toilette? :-)
Dieses Okonamiyaki sieht lecker aus, was ist das genau?
Hier sind alle im Hochzeitsstress, schade dass du nicht da sein kannst..
LG, Re

Private Travel Blog hat gesagt…

The toilet works like regular toilets, except that you don't sit, you squat! You might have seen that kind of toilet if you've traveled to France or Spain, although the style is different.

Okonomiyaki is a sort of pancake. It's a mix of eggs and flour and you can basically put in everything you want. Mostly vegetables and meat. I'll have a food post soon. Will make sure to include more detail :-)