Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Face to Face With a 35mm

Shooting in Spokane

On Thursday I got the chance to visit North by Northwest Film Productions and witness a commercial film shooting in Spokane, Eastern Washington. When amateurs meet big shots:

The commercial was shot on 35mm in high speed on an Arriflex. Although film is more expensive, it is also higher qualilty than HD. We shot on three different locations. A clockshop, a doctor's office and a yoga studio. I ruled the set within minutes. Of course I was the big shot and so I took it upon myself to help the guys with their shoot. ;-)

After I had told the (wannabe) director Dan to set up the camera, Thomas and Dug followed my instructions on lighting the scenes. I was watching each of their steps closely so everything would be in order and the clients would be pleased with the result. It took forever for them to get it right, but eventually I had managed to set the scene.
After dealing with the actors and getting them in position, Dan made another check on the light and we were almost ready.

I gave some last-minute instructions to cameraman Thomas so he wouldn't mess up the shot. Good thing the camera could do most of the work by itself. He soon improved after a few instructions, however.

When we were finally set I gave the Production Assistant a little boost of confidence and let her use the flap.

then it was "camera, action!" and the film roll started rolling rolling rolling. When I left the guys and their set, I felt great. I knew I had greatly improved their skills and understanding of what needs to be happening at a set! Well... or maybe the other way around :-)

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