Samstag, 14. Februar 2009

Valentines Day Bike Extravaganza: Chilly Hilly on Bainbridge Island

Every February on a Sunday bike riders from the Puget Sound area meet up for the "Chilly Hilly" on Bainbridge Island for a mass riding. The Island will be jammed!

So we (Kamil, Maggie and I) decided to use this encridibly "sickening hallmark holiday" to get our romantically unentangled asses on our bikes and circle the Island where boats get stuck ON piers.

Now, Islands are supposed to be flat, small and pretty convenient to travel on, right? Bainbridge doesn't go by these rules. It is supposed to be a beautiful touristy island, but it also has it's little brutal ways of sneaking up on you.

The hills come across pretty tame in the beginning. Sure, we went up and down for about two hours, but nothing worth mentioning. That had nothing to do with us not finding the right track or anything of course!

After a while, however, the hills got hillier and hillier and after almost five hours of riding we had gotten pretty sick of hills.
See the chart from the Chilly Hilly website to get an idea why:

We were on our way back when we saw our return ferry coming in from the city.
Our last energy went into a frantic sprint to get the ferry...of course there was yet another hill... and yet another... we made it just in time! I have no idea how we managed to ride our bikes back to Fremont, but I have this funny feeling my thighs will tell me the story tomorrow...

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