Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009

Pimp my Place: México in Fremont and my cool roomies

I have been here in my new place Fremont now for a while. Time to introduce the inhabitants and space of the AMP (Amanda-Maggie-Paul) Universe! Since you already know me... sort of... here are my new roomies:

Amanda is very calm and quiet. She likes to keep the apartment clean and tidy and leads us with a good example on that. She studied philosophy and religion, worked in bioengineering, used to be a baker and now she does contract work in book keeping. She is very athletic and regularly bruses her butt on a snowboard. Although her taste in music is sometimes questionable (Timberland? Really now?), she is really cool and laid-back... at least when not working ;-).

Maggie is a little more lively. We seem to have quite a lot in common... except for one tiny little flaw that she has: She's vegetarian! However, I'm trying to be very tolerant about it - although I can't help myself and offer her meat every time I get a chance. Maggie used to work in PR and is now doing time work jobs to keep afloat in the economy. She introduces me to new music and makes fun of me all the time. We have this little brother-sister vibe going, although it is yet to be determined who is the older sibling ;-).

My room:
In memory of my Mexico trip, I have decided to dedicate my room to travel.

Unfortunately the ceiling won't support somebody to sleep in the hammock, but it still makes for a nice atmosphere.

The cover makes for a great "wallpaper" - and it covers the ugly yellow beghind it ;-).

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