Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Traffic Series - Part II: The Evil Bridge!

Seattle is a city with an abundance of water both from the above as well as from underneath. On the nice and sunny days when the water from above has stopped pouring, it is well worth to travel around and take a look at what's beneath.

One of the nice watery areas where sea planes land and kajaks and sailboats roam is Lake Union. It runs along the University and from the North side, there is a beautiful view of downtown.

However, there is a limited choice as to how to cross the lake. If you don't want to get wet feet and don't have a boat available - take a bridge!
But it's not as easy as it sounds!
As Lake Union eventually runs into Pudget Sound and finally the ocean, boat owners use this opportunity to get from the Lake to the ocean.
Why that concerns me? Some of these boat owners have huuuge masts! Size doesn't matter? Well, it does for the bridges!

Ballard Bridge is one of the many bridges that can - on demand - be pulled up, leaving all those poor commuters waiting on the road for a good 10 minutes, while the lazy boat owners sail along on their luxurious rafts.

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