Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

Halloween I: Extreme Pumpkin Carving

90 pumpkins, 3 hours and a while lot of fun!

Halloween is approaching fast and Americans love this holiday!
Why else would they grow yards (pumpkin patches) like this one?

In preparation for Halloween I was able to witness an amazing event on Wednesday that is extraordinary even for American standards.
Jenna, a Fulbrighter from the area I had met two weeks ago took me to her cousins house where pumpkin carving is taken to the extreme!

A neighbor of theirs is celebrating her 90th birthday on Friday (Halloween) and what would be more perfect as a gift than pumpkins?

After watching Jenna carve a nerdy Fulbright pumpkin while making some pretty ugly pumpkins myself they were all presented to the happy almost-ninety-year-old.

As a little treat, I got to take one of my creations home. I named him Mowglie (doesn't he look like Mowglie?) and he will be my little bright friend for the next couple of days :-)


Sarah hat gesagt…

Could you please stop posting pictures of youself in t-shirts? It's freezing over here, no need to rub it in!

quimbi hat gesagt…

harhar *snicker*