Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Skipping Information for FUN

After a tiring morning of phone calls (that in the end turned out to be good), I met up with Anni, Hermina, Kamil and Ming for lunch (which I had missed due to the telephone call, but I went anyway). I had planed to go to some information sessions later on. They had not been too helpful in the past though and so we went downtown to get some cofee/tea.

After that we drove to a driving range and hit some balls, which was really fun. The girls and I had never played goldf before and so we were not too successful on that. It was cool anyway.

Anni's and Kamil's butts

Togo vs. Germany - it's not the size of the bat, it'S the motion ;-)

Hermina on the range

We hung out at Kamil’s place afterwards and had some drinks and played silly association games. We cracked up about almost everything and had a great time tagging each other again.
At the end of the day, only one question remains:
"How did lunch turn into THIS?" - answer (Hermina): cuz... we're HIKE 3 DAAAAH!

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