Samstag, 20. September 2008

The Rules of Clubbing

After not doing much in the daylight except for sleeping in and emailing, I went to meet the girls at the University village (a small "city" for shopping near the University) and from there went to a BBQ at Kamil’s.

At 8:30 we hit the road and went downtown to go clubbing at a place called Trinity. It had 2.5 (they probably want to believe three) dancefloors and was pretty cool. It had some pop/R&B music, on the other dancefloor that mixed with some Bollywood and then a bar area with some rock music. It took me a while to warm up, but since so many FIUTS people were there and dancing like crazy, it was fun. Oleg from Israel so rocks the dancefloor, for example. Soon, I was sweating all over the place and it wasn’t even bad that the music wasn’t very good.

American clubs suck though. You get a stamp whenever you go into the club, but still you have to prove that you are over 21 whenever you want to get back in.
The other thing is that the DJs suck! It is not just that I did not exactly like the music they placed, but the way they do their job. They should not get any money for it at all, because what they do, any music program can do.
1. They are random: From Justin Timberlake to a classic rock hit, then go for some Electronic and a quick turn to “My hump”. All within a few minutes.
2. They don’t give their songs space: All these songs don’t start somewhere in the first minute, the DJs jump right into it... then the song gets about 30 to 60 seconds and they jump onto the next random track. Maybe they don't have to pay for copyright if the song is not played longer than 30 seconds?
3.: They do NOT know how to mix... whenever songs change every minute or half, they do so without prior warning. One song just ends and the other jumps right in. If a DJ attempts at finding a transition, he fails miserably, because he has no feeling for rhythm, melody, style and ususally can’t even count the beats per minute that his music program on his laptop(!) shows him.

The other thing about the clubs is that they shut down by 2 am. But they don’t stop the music by then, they want the place clean by then. Thus, they start going around with huge tubs and strong flash lights at about 1:30 and start taking away people’s drinks. The flash lights and the bear sized bouncers reeaallyy help the dancing atmosphere. You seriously want to leave the place after an episode with them. So then you get out of the club and run into a bunch of potheads that are smoking on the street and make trouble on the busride home.

Bottom Line: stupid bouncers, rude attitude, lame DJs, but good drinks (best Whisky Sour EVER!) for little money ($6) and if you take a lot of friends in a good mood, you can still have lots of fun! Just wach out for your butt – and this goes for women AND Men (although the grabbers themselves are all male it appears!)


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