Montag, 23. August 2010

Dude, where's my bike?

Dude, where's my bike? - I don't know, which country are we in?

So here we go. After an amazing weekend in Sweden and like - what? Two weeks in Germany? we have arrived at the ultimate reason for Kamil coming to see me: our bike trip!

You would think after such a long time of talking about this, we would have it all planned out... well, then you don't know us well! For months, we have been arguing wether to go to Lyon (Kamil's favorite option) or along the beautiful rhine river all the way down to Rotterdam where father rhine kisses the north sea (guess who preferred that option!). Our plan is to have the smallest amount of planning possible - it should equal the biggest amount of fun, right?

Well, we are going to .... Paris!!

We finally managed to get bikes last Thursday (about an hour before I was leaving for a wedding!) and today we got a tent, bike bags, travel towels (see the Hitchiker's Guide!), food, jackets, helmets and some other more or less useful stuff. Check it out:

What we still don't have is a plan... or a route for that matter! But hey, we got a GPS (thanks to Max who provided us with a lot of useful stuff and advice like: you will smell anyway, so don't worry about bringing clothes to change!).. AND we have this very useful map:

Obviously, nothing can go wrong now!
Kamil and I are already excited! Like reaaally excited! We feel really double rainbow actually, as this little video shows proof of!

So now let's see where these bikes will take us! No matter what happens though: we will take our towels!!


MickNick hat gesagt…

you sound like youre about to come, dude.

The Emeraldcity hat gesagt…

all right, for all those who don'tknow the original. Here it is:

The Original double Rainbow