Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009

Happy 4th!

Independence Day! Without Will Smith, but with plenty of "aliens"

Seattle is a very liberal city where Republicans would be put in a showcase to be observed like zoo animals (if they ever dared to come out). Accordingly, the level of patriotism is liminal during every day life - that is compared to other places in the US! You would think that would change on the most important holiday of the American people. But I've actually seen football games more patriotically tainted than the 4th of July at Gasworks Park in Seattle.

The most visible patriotism was displayed in a blown up head of Miss Liberty,

watching over "Kite Hill" and Lake Union, where a gigantic firework was arranged to celebrate.

The way the event was organized struck me just as much as a surprise. This kind of event would surely be brought to live by some sort of government office, right? To spark the love of Americans in their great country?
Ehhm... NO. The event was "private", put up by the bank that recently bought up the bankrupt (pun intended) Washington Mutual.

So what next? No government, no patriotism... how is this event properly American? Interestingly, it was actually hard to find "Americans" (people who where not obviously immigrants) in the crowd. Only after snooping around, could I find a bunch of "patriotic" white middle class American individuals.

Most of the visitors, however, where Indian, Mexican or Asian. And I'm not so sure if all of the "Americans" were proper Americans either ;-).

With all my expectations shattered, I got myself ready for a pretty unpatriotic and boring firework when hey, I was surprised again!
Spoiled from Swiss National Holiday Fireworks (Stein am Rhein has the best - I challenge you to convince me that there is better ones out there!), I am not easy to impress. However, the firework on Lake Union was actually really nice, imaginative and nicely choreographed to music as well.

In the firework, I finally caught a glimpse of that patriotism I had been looking for. My personal favorite: A rocket that had gone off course to explore the "final frontier".

Off-topic: I haven't forgotten about the Japan pictures. The folder is now down to 5GB ;-)

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