Montag, 8. Juni 2009


Arashiyama is a part of Kyoto, which is known for its traditional Japanes style, temples and shrines. Kyoto was not as severely destryoed during the war as Osaka andd Tokyo and so it was able to retain its traditional charm.

We took the Hankyu train to get to the beautiful river and green hills.

The place is quite famous with Japanese tourists as well, as it provides a change for those living in busy cities like Osaka.

... although typically Japanese, they don't necessarily show how emotinally they are moved openly ;-).

We climbed up a little hill and had a picknick among important looking stones whose actualy meaning we were unable to find out.

So instead we watched the boats go up the river into the valley.

Down the hill on the other side, we crossed through a bamboo forest and came upon a temple.

The temple is one of many sites in Kyoto that is declared world heritage.

Of course you have to make sure you are physically clean before you can enter the temple to become spiritually clean!

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Mai hat gesagt…

Oh my god, you are making me homesick! :D

The stone you found is the monument in memory of Sosei-Hoshi, who is one of the most famous poets in Japan in 10th century. This monument represents his famous poem. The meaning is:
Since you told me you would come to me soon,
I have waited for a long time.
Now I find the morning moon...