Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

Bizarre Landscapes: Mt.St. Hellens&The Oregon Coast

Bizarre Landscapes on the West Coast

With my visiting friends from Germany, I used the last weekend to explore one of the strangest places in the Pacific Northwest: Mount St. Hellens.

Since the erruption of May 1980, the arrea seems very surreal. Until today, the devastation is quite obvious and everything reminds of the massive explosion.

Where the lave floated down the mountain it formed a valley and left marks on the earth that make it appear very unreal, almost like on another planet.

It is hard to imagine the force of nature that created these landscapes, but nature has also started to claim back the territory. It creates new beautiful landscapes.

We spent another day along the rough West coast for more if its beautiful landscape.

In Oceanside, we used the "tropical" setting for some relaxation at the beach. Here, the wind was creator of all landscapes. After a couple of hours, it had changed the appearance of the sand, shifted dunes from one place to another.

Of course, these populated coast areas cannot deny the human impact on the landscape.
HEre it is a little harder for nature to make its claim.

steel and metal dominate the landscape where politics has drawn the state line between Oregon and Washington: on the Bridge over the Colombia River

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