Dienstag, 28. April 2009

Summer in the City

Summer in Seattle

After a long application process, Thursday finally brought a turn in my quest for an internship this summer.

Filmateria Studios
had invited me for a second interview on Wednesday and it went really well. They liked my technical skills, my international profile and my knowledge of social networking sites.

Hermina gave me the honor of capturing the moment when I got the Email offering me an intern position. We were working in the law library of UW.

The next step will be the application for a visa extension. If the extension is approved, I will stay in Seattle until October as an editing intern on a project called Team Marco Polo - a travel show for kids! Cross your fingers for my summer in Seattle!!


Rebecca hat gesagt…

Hey, herzlichen Glückwunsch!! ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass jetzt nichts mehr dazwischen kommt!
LG, Re

quimbi hat gesagt…

Thank you! I just sent out my application for visa extension today. That will mean I won't be there for the wedding though - but it gives people more time to visit me! So what are you doing this summer, ey?

Sarah hat gesagt…

Ziemlich cool. Glückwunsch dazu, auch wenn das heißt, dass die nächste Howl wohl noch ne Weile auf Eis liegt ;)