Montag, 10. November 2008


FIUTS is a non-profit organization and stands for Foundation of International Understanding Through Students. This year, the organization celebrated its 60th anniversary with a huge Gala. My Mission: take pictures!

The Gala was at a Chinese Restaurant in the International District (formerly called Chinatown).
People from 60 years of FIUTS and from all over the world had come back to Seattle to celebrate the event with Chinese food, and a traditional Indian dance performance. During events like this, international friendships and even relationships have developed. Many couples had joined the Gala who had met each other through FIUTS and everybody had a story to tell about the wonderful experiences and friendships related to their exchanges and stays abroad.

It was a rare opportunity for people from many different social backgrounds, places, ethnicities, religions and age groups to communicate. Each person was assigned to a specific "country table".

the night was not only meant to celebrate, but was also supposed to be a fundraiser for the organization. People had donated different kinds of traditional items for a silent auction. For a silent auction, people write their bids on a piece of paper that belongs to the item and after a certain time the one with the highest bit gets the object of desire. This beautiful Japanese Kimono was the most desires item and changed its owner for about 1000 Dollars.

Equally successfull was the desert auction. Each person at a table donated some money and the table with the highest amount would get to run for the desert table first and take their desert of choice. Somebody must have loved the chocolate cake, because the table spent over 900 dollars for it.

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