Samstag, 30. August 2008

Bus Marathon and University

My feet are killing me. Now I know why Americans go everywhere by car. I walked around all day, trying to find things. And everything is sooo far away! Busses help, but only so far. I definitely need a bike. Of course, I didn't find one today (as I didn't find anything else I was looking for today), but I'm not giving up.

I went to see the campus today and it is impressive. Not only the huge general library

but also the atmosphere on campus is amazing.

I feel I'll be having loads of fun studying here!


Salina hat gesagt…

na das ist doch schön, dass es dir da gefällt. pass nur auf, dass es dir da nicht zu gut gefällt.

*knuddel* :-*

Rebecca hat gesagt…

also jetzt mal ne rein formelle frage - warum "i'll be having" und nicht "i'll have"? :-)
sieht schön aus, dein campus, wünsche dir einen guten start!
liebe grüße, re

quimbi hat gesagt…

"I'll be having", because I'm already having so much fun at the moment ;-).

Rebecca hat gesagt…

ah jetzt ja :-)